Yola Yoga invites you into the World of inclusive yoga and meditation practice. 
Our offerings will include Yoga for everyone including: Hatha Yoga, a practice focused on slow movement with intention and breathe; Rise & Shine Yoga, a practice focused on awakening and energising the body for the day ahead; Power Yoga, a practice focused on challenge and strength, using movement and body weight. 
Yola Yoga creates a space for meditation and breath work, focused on bringing us into the present moment, calming and finding stillness in our body and our mind. 
Join Yola Yoga on a journey to better mental and physical wellbeing through the practice of Yoga and Meditation….



"It's not about being good at something. It's about being good to yourself."

Founder of Yola Yoga

Welcome to Yola Yoga, my name is Lucy. 

I set up Yola Yoga to bring accessible and inclusive Yoga practice to everyone. As someone who has suffered from digestive dysfunction for over 10 years, I have benefited so much from consistent and regular yoga practice, movement and meditation. I aim to share my  journey and help others, and spread the benefits of Yoga through my teaching. 

Yoga can benefit not only your physical wellbeing but also you mental health. Join me on your wellbeing and self-care journey. Book a class today...